The Color scheme  we chose is black, white, and gun metal gray.
The black and white are traditional colors associated with Law Enforcement. The gun metal gray is the color of metal from the traditional tools we use on the job.

The top patch,or “Top Rocker”, is for the name of the club. 

The bottom patch, or “Bottom Rocker”, is for the state the Chapter resides in. 

The “LE” patch on the middle right side is our twist on the MC patch format. It replaces the traditional “MC”.  We did not invent the “LE” replacement patch, but like so few Law Enforcement clubs, we chose to use it because we want everyone to know that we are a “Law Enforcement” club. We are proud of that and choose to show it in this way.

The Center Patch aka “
Gunfighter” is our most prided symbol. Every aspect of it has meaning.

Hat is of traditional western fashion. We chose a cowboy hat because we respect what the prior Lawmen before us established with their courage and sacrifice. The  “Ranger” star concho has been a symbol of Law Enforcement throughout the ages.

The skull beneath the hat (Loss of life) is a reminder of what we see, face, and confront on a daily basis. This is why our Brotherhood so valuable and strong. The  
missing lower jaw  symbolizes that Law Enforcement never truly has a voice against critics of our profession but we still muster on. 
crossed pistols are a universal symbol for Law Enforcement. We chose to use newer revolvers because we are officers in modern times, yet acknowledge those who came before us.

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