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Answer-  Wecreated BILT in 2011. it represents the values of the club.  It stands forBrotherhood, Integrity, Loyalty, and Trust. Many have tried to copy our mantra with no success due to the core values of the members. "Flashes in the pan" think It sounds good on paper, but when you are in a club with members who no one wants to be in a club with, it erodes rapidly.  in our 5th year running, our standards remain the same. 

Answer-  The Watchmen MC are not international . We are based out of the Continental United States. From here we have complete Trademark control and oversight.  We do however have Close friends in like minded clubs around the world and we support each other as if we wore the same patch. 

Answer-  This is a term used toidentify police officers that have FULL TIME powers of Arrest. 

What does B.I.L.T. mean?

How do I start a chapter?

What kind of Motorcycles are required for membership in the club?

Are civilians Allowed or Public Safety?

Answer-  The Watchmen are bound to bylaws that forbid recruiting. We do listen to inquiries from like minded who want  the same standards.  Contact Nomad Mullythrough our inquiries section of the website. 

What does 100% Sworn mean? 

The Watchmen were formed due to issues within the LEMC scene that were caused by negligent LEO's boosting their ranks with Civilian members. We firmly believe  that no civilian should EVER be allowed to wear patches that identify themselves as police officers. This is to protect our careers, our club,  and the civilian. Public Safety is thought of in the same 

way, We appreciate their service, but they are not held to the same standards of conduct that LEO's are so they are denied membership. Our motto is "Badge up, Patch in". IF YOU SEE A WATCHMEN PATCH, THAT IS A COP

Are the Watchmen MC International?

Answer-  we require that all Members Have an American made cruiserwith a engine of 55 Cubic Inchesor greater