who we are

The Watchmen have always strived to clean up the LEO motorcycle scene by setting a standard of conduct based on mistakes we have made and have witnessed others making. We believe that we will never be the biggest, just the best. This is a state of mind every member of any organization should have. If you do not, why even belong to it. Find the best, protect it. 


We are not perfect and have made many mistakes in screening membership. That is why we are so protective of what we have. The average time frame to be a Watchmen runs around a half a year to two years. We just need to know if you are a Member or a BROTHER. If this is too long for you to join a life long club then we wish you well. We won't compromise. It is not our way. 

Civilian Membership ‚Äčis NOT allowed in any form. Many clubs try to pad their ranks with "Friends" and people who they feel are "Like Minded".

At the end of the day they are not held to the same professional standard we are and can easily walk away from the club after careers are damaged by their conflicting lifestyles. We learned this lesson as well.