The Watchmen Motorcycle Club never recruits. We have that in our bylaws. We are a invitation only club. We will always look at potential chapters through our request procedure via Nomad Mully but nothing is promised. We will never turn down a good brother but we will never allow someone who is just a "Member".  See our Contact page for info.

FIRST club of

100% SWORN

Membership Only

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We coined the Phrase "B.I.L.T" (Literally) as our Mantra. Some try to copy it and we are honored. However if you don't abide by it then you are just like the clubs who have no standards.


We have a phrase,

"Badge Up, Patch in".

 You have to be a LEO to be in our LEO club. Shocking requirement to many but makes perfect sense to us. Numbers mean nothing to this group. We are more restrictive in the fact that all members must be SWORN, not just in Law Enforcement

Created on 

​Feb 20th, ​2011

In a garage in Northern California by the Dirty Waters of the San Joaquin Delta. We created this club out of frustration with lax standards of LEO clubs. We wanted more and we made it so. We set standards that makes membership valued. Though we have many friends, we remain a  American Only Club.